• Data Governance

    We specialize in privacy and security policies, governance frameworks, strategies for program and policy adoption, training and awareness, complaint management and data-use procedures.

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  • Risk Management

    We assist in the development of enterprise risk management programs, integration of new policies with existing programs, risk assessments and gap analysis, program monitoring and auditing.

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  • Privacy Protection

    We help navigate corporate politics and organizational barriers to ensure that the right privacy policies and practices are properly implemented and become part of the culture of the organization.

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Rouleur Consulting

Rouleur Consulting offers scalable solutions that always reinforce a no ‘one size fits all’ approach and therefore customize our solutions based on your organization’s specific needs and challenges.

Our privacy knowledge and experience enables Rouleur Consulting to assist organizations of all sizes with Privacy Risk Management, Risk based Internal Compliance Audits/Reviews, Process reviews, Maturity assessments, Pre/ Post implementation policy/procedure reviews, Privacy Incident Management and investigation, Crisis Communications plans and Privacy Training and Education.

Start-Ups & Technology

It can be difficult, if not impossible for new organizations to be able to develop and assure ongoing effective controls and compliance, unless they have suitable specialist staff.

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Privacy & Risk Management

Calculated risk is integral to business and protecting personal information is a substantive, enterprise-wide business risk. The rapid pace of technology and data growth demonstrate the increasing importance of protecting customer and employee data.

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Education & Non-Profit

Do you know where your sensitive or confidential data is located? According to the Poneman Institute, uncertainly about the location of sensitive and confidential data is more of a worry than a hacker or malicious employee.

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