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Our Clients

Start Up and Technology

It can be difficult, if not impossible for new organizations to be able to develop and assure ongoing effective controls and compliance, unless they have suitable specialist staff. The challenge however, is most small and many medium organizations cannot afford privacy and security experts on their payroll. The solution is to consider expert advice to assist with implementing and maintaining the required program and controls.

Privacy Risk Management

Calculated risk is integral to business and protecting personal information is a substantive, enterprise-wide business risk. The rapid pace of technology and data growth, and the risks highlighted by data breaches in recent months demonstrate the increasing importance of protecting customer and employee data.

Rouleur can support organizations to effectively manage risk and compliance issues relating to data privacy and its protection. Specifically we can assist organizations with:

  • Developing a corporate privacy framework
  • Creating principle-based privacy policies
  • Performing privacy and security risk assessments
  • Conducting privacy gap analysis to validate compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Preparing Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Developing breach handling protocols, notification procedures and managing privacy breaches
  • Privacy awareness training
  • Compliance Audits/Reviews
  • Data mapping and developing data classification models

Education and Not Profit

Do you know where your sensitive or confidential data is located? According to the Poneman Institute, uncertainly about the location of sensitive and confidential data is more of a worry than a hacker or malicious employee. Further, organizations and their business associates are required to comply with Security and Privacy regulatory requirements along with data breach notification expectations. To ensure trust, compliance requires every organization, regardless of size or purpose to exercise due diligence and implement robust data security and privacy controls, and the effectiveness of these controls must be measured. Rouleur can assist with identifying and prioritizing the actions required to ensure compliance with regulatory expectations and development and implementation of a scalable data privacy protection program.